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What is proportionality? – (mathematics)

proportionality => Proportion is the equality shared between two ratios and when two separate ratios are equal to each other, they are said to be ‘in proportion’. Proportion is also the balance maintained between two sets of numbers divided with each other or two ratios.

Ratio is the comparison between two quantities which are similar and to compare they are divided by each other.

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What is Two (2D) Dimensional Shapes ? Definition & Examples

2 dimensional

2 Dimensional Shapes  – Geometry is the study of shapes and size. The structures are called 2-Dimensional shapes if they consist of only two dimensions and can be represented in x-y coordinate axis! The general dimensions for any 2-D geometric structure are the length and the width in the x and y direction.

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Best College Assignments

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Congruence and geometry of size

Congruence geometry: If two objects are of same exact shape and same exact size, then they are called congruent objects. The congruent objects are more like duplicates of each other and fit perfectly when placed on top of each other.

In geometry, congruency is an important property and whenever two geometric shapes have same shape and length, then the angles of one shape are also equal to the other.


geometry structure Congruence and geometry        Congruence and geometry

The symbol used to denote congruency is, ‘≡’ which means that the structures are of same shape and equal size.

Congruency in triangles:

Congruence geometry


SSS: 3 sides of one triangle=3 sides of the other

2) SAS :2 sides and included angle of one triangle=2 sides and included angle of other.

3)ASA :2 angles and included side one triangle= 2 angles and included side of other.

4) AAS :2angles and non-included side=2angles and non-included side of other

Example: If ∆ ABC≡∆DEF and BC=10 units, then EF=? EF=10 (since BC=EF )


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