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What is a mathematical expression, equation & Relationships

Mathematical Expression

dark blue arrow A mathematical expression is a simple math relationship between a variable and a number. The variable is the quantity which can take any value accordingly (usually represented by an alphabet). However, an Equation relates two different expressions with an ‘equality’ sign.

Examples of ExpressioHow do you write an expression?ns:

Mathematical Expression


arrowFor Equations, not only can be it evaluated but also the value of the unknown variable can be found out! There can be a single or multiple solutions for the variable depending on the type of equation.

Examples of Equation:

Math Equation



Example: Solve 5x – 6 = 2x +15

Here 2 expressions are combined together to form an equation!

                                     ->     5x- 2x -6 = 15 (Subtract ‘2x’on both sides)

                                     ->     3x=15+6(Add ‘6’ on both sides)

                                     ->                 3x=21

                                     ->                 x=21/3

                                      ->                 x = 7


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