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Dimensionality and the geometry of location with homework help

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Find Geometry Homework Help.In Geometry, each structure combined with different line segments form a closed shape. Every closed geometric shape is called a Polygon which is divided into two types: Regular polygons and Irregular polygons. In Geometry, every shape has its own dimensions like the length, width, angle etc. These dimensions further help in understanding their details.

Blue ArrowPolygons: When different line segments intersect and form a closed shape, it is called a polygon. This definition tells us that all the closed shapes in geometry are in fact called polygons!

polygon geometry homework help        polygon geometry homework help

Geometry Homework Help

Example: Find the sum of interior angles in a 6-sided polygon.

                  Sum of interior angles=180° (6-2)

                       Sum= 180° (4) = 720°


arrowRegular Polygon: If all the sides and the interior angles in a polygon are equal, then it’s called a regular polygon.

Regular Polygon Tutorsonnet interior angle of a regular polygon formula

Example: What is the each interior angle in a 5-sided regular polygon (pentagon)?

                                             Each interior angle = 180° (n-2)/n

                                            Angle = 180° (5-2)/5= 180° (3/5)

                                            Angle = 108°

Irregular polygon: A polygon with different side-lengths and different each interior angle measure.

Irregular polygon

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