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Quadratic and other nonlinear functions

Methods to Solve Quadratic Equations

 The general form of a quadratic equation is ax2+ bx+ c=0, where a = 0 and is an example of a non-linear function.

Given any quadratic equation there are various methods of solving them in order to find their intercepts, vertex and axis of symmetry.

  1. Factoring method:

Example: Solve the quadratic x2 -7x+12=0.

Square-root method

2.  Square-root method : If a quadratic is of the form ax2 + c=0, then use the square root method.


3. Completing the square: When the quadratic is not factorable, use this method.

Example: x2 + 8x – 10= 0.

Completing the squar

4. Quadratic formula:

methods to solve Quadratic equations


  Other non-linear functions include cubic functions, exponential and logarithmic functions whose graphs are not straight lines but are curves with different domain and ranges.

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