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Number, Operation and Quantitative Reasoning

Number, Operation and Quantitative Reasoning

Numbers can be combined through various methods like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. When using addition and multiplication between numbers, certain rules which have to be followed.

Below are called Field Axioms and every a,b,c € R:

Commutative property: Commutative property

Associative property: Associative property

Distributive property:   Distributive property

Identity property:     Distributive property

Inverse property:    Inverse property

Least Common Multiple (LCM):

LCM between numbers is the product all the factors.

To start answering, first the numbers have to be prime factorized!

Example: Find the LCM between 24, 50 and 88.

Quantitative Reasoning

Greatest Common factor (GCF):

GCF between numbers is the common shared factor.

Example: Find GCF between 24,50 and 88.


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