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What is Function & Different Types of Functions (mathematics)

Math Functions, Relations, Domain & Range

A function ‘f’ is a relation between two sets which converts an input into an output. A function with Domain ‘x’ and Range ‘y’ is denoted by f: X-> Y.


Properties of functions:

Injective function (One-to-One):If f:  X ->  Y, then


Surjective function(Onto): If f: X -> Y, then


Bijective function(One-to One and Onto):If f: X -> Y, then


Inverse function (f-1): If f: X -> Y is an invertible function, then there exists ‘g’ such that g: Y -> X, where ‘g’ is called the inverse of ‘f’.


Example: Find f-1 for f(x) = 2x +3.

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