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Sine, Cosine and Tangent in Four Quadrants


Sine, Cosine and Tangent (Trigonometry Four quadrants)

The 6 trigonometric functions when graphed in an x-y coordinate plane, give different measurements based on their side and angle. The sign of the trigonometric functions depends on how the angle is formed.

trignometry four quadrants


trigonometry quadrants

Quadrantal angle: The angle made when the terminal side is on the x-axis or y-axis.

The quadrantal angles in degrees are 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°.

The same quadrantal angles in radians are 0, π/2, π, 3π/2.

Example: In which quadrant do the following angles come under : trigonometry four quadrants

trigonometry four quadrants

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