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What is Square root functions

square root

Square root functions (for example: y= √x) is defined as the function where the output ‘y’ when multiplied by itself (squared) gives the input ‘x’. The symbol ‘√’is called the ‘radical symbol’ and the general form of any square root function is given by:

The general form of any square root function is given by:

square root functions


The domain of a square root function is not all real numbers because of the fact that we have a square root right there!

To get real solutions, no negative number is allowed under the square root; hence the domain condition becomes:

square root function


Example:Find the domain of y = √(x+5)

arrow                          So, set it according to the above condition always and get

->  x+5 > 0 -> x > -5

Interval notation: [-5, infinity)

The constants ‘a’, ’c’ and‘d’ transform the graph of the parent function horizontally and vertically.

Example: Graph the function: y= √(x-4) – 2

Domain: x- c>= 0  ->   x>= 4

square rootnew square root

Then fill the table with values based on the domain.


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