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What is Area of Plane Shapes :Triangles,Rectangle,Square,Circle

 Area of Plane Shapes -> In Geometry, the dimensions such as length, width of any geometric structure gives us important information about the structure’s area, perimeter etc. This data and measurements are very useful in our daily life as it helps us calculate things like fencing for our back-yard, area of the space occupied etc.

Let’s look at the formulas to calculate these measurements!


Area of plane shapesarea of triangle formula


Find the area of a triangle whose base=10 and height=5. Find perimeter if other two sides of triangle are 4 and 6.

example of find area of triangleformula of area of triangle

 Area of Rectangle: 

area of rectanglerectangle formula


Find the area and perimeter of rectangle with length=12 and width=8.

                                       Area=length *width -> A=12*8 -> A=96

                                       Perimeter=2l+2w -> P= (2*12)+(2*8)

                                                                 -> P=24+16 -> P=40

Area of Square:

Square imagearea of square

Area of Circle:

circle radius area of circle

Example: Find the area and circumference of circle with radius=3

                                                   Area= πr2   => A= (3.14)*(32)=28.26

                                        Circumference=2πr => C=2*(3.14)*(3) => C=18.84


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