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What is Trigonometry

Trigonometry can be used in finding the measure of the angles, their function values and also the sides of a triangle. The 6 trigonometric functions can be used to find the remaining side or angle in a right triangle. These calculations give rise to trigonometric ratios in a right triangle.

Given a right triangle:

Triangles (Trigonometry)Triangles (Trigonometry)


arrow The popular and best way to remember this order is “SOH CAH TOA”

Examples: Find the values of sin(θ),cos(θ),tan(θ),csc(θ),sec(θ),cot(θ).

sin(θ)=5/13                            csc(θ)=13/5

cos(θ)=12/13                         sec(θ)=13/12          

tan(θ)=5/12                            cot(θ)=12/5

Example: Find the hypotenuse of the triangle given a side and an angle.

what is trigonometry  how to solve trigonometry problems

Example: Find the angle measure in degrees and in radians, given 2 sides.



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