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Convergence and Divergence

Convergence and Divergence

In Sequences and Series, we can find whether the given function converges or diverges. A function is said to converge if its limit value exists and is finite. A function is said to diverge if its limit value does not exist (or rather approaches infinity).

Convergence and Divergence in sequences:


Determine if sequence converges or diverges!

{ (2n2+1)/(4n2-3n) }n=1

In order to find whether the sequence converges or diverges, take the limit of the given function

è To find the limit, divide the numerator and denominator with the highest exponent.

                                èlim (2n2+1) /n2)  =      lim (2 +1/n2)           =2/4=1/2

    (4n2-3n /n2)                   (4-3/n)  

è(if nà∞,then 1/n or 1/n2 à0, henceè1/2)

Since limit is a finite number (è1/2), hence the Sequence Converges!

Convergence and Divergence of Series:

Convergence and Divergence


Determine if Series converges or diverges.


lim n(n+1)/2 = ∞, hence the Series Diverges.

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