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What is Expressions, Equations and Relationships ?

Math Expression

Expression is a simple math relationship between a variable and a number. The variable is the quantity which can take any value accordingly (usually represented by an alphabet). However an Equation relates two different expressions with an ‘equality’ sign

Examples of Expressions:

For Equations, not only can be it evaluated but also the value of the unknown variable can be found out! There can be a single or multiple solutions for the variable depending on the type of equation.

Examples of Equation:

Expressions, Equations and Relationships

Example: Solve 5x – 6 = 2x +15

Here 2 expressions are combined together to form an equation!

-> 5x- 2x -6 = 15 (Subtract ‘2x’on both sides)

-> 3x=15+6(Add ‘6’ on both sides)

-> 3x=21

-> x=21/3 -> x = 7

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