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How do Find that equation is a linear or nonlinear function?

Linear Function

How to find Linear or Nonlinear Function. Linear functions are of the general form, f(x) = ax+b, where ‘a’ and ‘b’ are constants. The relationship between ‘x’ and ‘f(x)’ in a linear equation gives us a straight line and the constants ‘a’ and ‘b’ gives us additional details about how the straight line is formed.

This relationship can be expressed either in algebraic form like an equation, or in graphical form by drawing graphs.

General ordered pair -> linear or nonlinear function

Function notation ->    linear or nonlinear function

Example: Given are two coordinate points in function notation, write down in ordered pairs form.

f(3) = 10                   f(0) = -4                    f(-6) = 17

Down arrow                            Down arrow                             Down arrow

(x, y) = (3,10)                  (x,y) = (0,-4)              (x,y) = (-6,17)

Example: If f(x) = 2x + 3, find f(0), f(1), f(-1).

Answer: This might look tricky, but simply follow the steps!

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