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Intro to inverse Trigonometric functions


inverse Trigonometric functions

In trigonometry, if an angle is given then using any of the 6 trigonometric functions we find its trigonometric function value. But if the trigonometric function value is given, then finding the angle (working backwards) using a function is called Inverse trigonometric function.

Example:Since “radian” is the standard unit for angle measure, we know:

inverse Trigonometric functions

The above example shows that inverse trigonometric functions are called as: arcsine(x), arccos(x), arctan(x), arccsc(x), arcsec(x), arccot(x). Here ‘x’ is the value of the function and inverse is used to find the angle measure!

Example:      inverse Trigonometric functions


1)   What is arcsin(0)? -> ‘0’ since sin(0) = 0

2)  arctan(θ) = p if and only if tan(p) = θ

3)  arccsc(u) = m -> csc(m) = u

Example: Evaluate the smallest angle measure for arctan(-1/√3)


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