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What is linear equation and inequalities?

Linear equation

Linear Equations: The general form of a linear equation is ax + by + c =0 where a, b, c are constants and  . A linear equation may contain one variable or two variables

Linear equation

Example:  Solve for x:  6x-18 = 0Adding ‘18’ on both sides gives

6x = 18.  x=18/6 x = 3.Graphs: The graph of a linear equation is always a straight line



Linear Inequalities: Linear inequalities are similar to linear equations except for few differences.

Example: Solve 2x – 8 < 4 and graph the solution set on number line.

Graphs: The graph of a linear inequality is a straight line with open or closed half planes.

             Graph y < x – 2                                           Graph y < x – 2


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