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What is Integral Calculus

integration calculus

Just like how Differentiation is the slope of the tangent drawn at a point on the curve, Integration is the area covered by the curve or a graph in a plane. Integration can be used to find areas and volumes below any curve.

integration calculusIntegration is the area

Integration Area

Integral Calculus

Example:Integrate the function: ∫x3dx

So according to the above formula,

For the above example let’s go backwards,

Differentiate the function: y = x4/4 arrow

                       -> y’= x3     ->this is the question in the previous example to integrate!

    arrow    Hence differentiation and integration are reverse process to each other!


Example: Integrate the function ∫x-2dx

∫x-2dx= x-2+1/-2+1

                                       -> x-1/-1 + c -> -x-1 + c

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