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What is Geometry,Problems & Spatial reasoning

geometry problems

Geometry is the study of shapes and sizes, but to build a particular shape or a structure we need
the basic elements as its foundation. The study involves description about different geometric structures and their calculations. Every shape in Geometry is made up of lines and hence these lines serve as the basis to draw any geometric shape.

Plane: A plane is any flat surface which extends in all the possible directions.

geometry problems Plane

Point(Dot): A point is a simple dot put in space often denoted by an upper-case alphabet!


Straight line: A line is a collection of infinite number of points. The arrows represents that the line is extended in both the directions forever!

Straight line

Line segment: A line segment is the part of a line but has two end points implying that they do not extend forever.

Line segment

Ray: A ray is also a line which has one end point but can extend forever in the other direction.


Angle:Two rays meet together at the vertex to form an angle!


Parallel and intersecting lines:If two lines are parallel, they would continue to be so without ever meeting. Intersecting lines intersect at a point and form angles

Parallel lines       Parallel lines  intersecting lines

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