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Geometric Structure Assignment for Geometry Students

Geometry Assignment

Geometry is the study of shapes and their sizes. Using at least 3 lines; a closed geometric shape called Triangles can is formed. As the number of lines increase, so does the number of sides of a particular geometric structure.

Let’s look at the structure of the most basic shapes in geometry which we also come across in our everyday life.

Triangle: It has 3 sides which forms 3 angles. (Same colors represent equal sides)

Geometry Assignment help

Equilateral triangle.   Isosceles triangle        Scalene triangle

Quadrilaterals:They have 4 sides which form 4 angles.


There are different types of quadrilaterals and let’s look at the famous ones!

Rectangle: Opposite sides are parallel and equal and every angle is 90°


Square: All sides are equal and every angle is 90°

geometry assignment worksheet answers

Rhombus: All sides are equal, and opposite angles are equal.

geometry assignment id 1 Rhombus

Parallelogram:Opposite sides are parallel and equal. Opposite angles are equal.

geometry assignment answers Parallelogram

Trapezoid (Trapezium): Only one pair of opposite sides is parallel.

geometry similar polygons assignment Trapezoid (Trapezium)

Kite:Adjacent sides are equal and their respective angles are equal as shown.

geometry summer assignment Kite

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