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Functional relationships – Algebra homework help

Relation: When we think about our family or friends, we have different relationships with different people. Even in math, ‘Relation’ is nothing but information shared from one set to another set and they are put together in the “ordered pair (x,y)” form. Every relation is a link between two sets, set A and set B, where it represents how the numbers in each set are related to each other.

Set A                                                                                                          Set B

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From Set A  -> Set B, we can see there are many and more relations possible!

Set A                                                                Set B

Set A & Set B

The starting points (or the input points, the ‘x’s) in a set are called Domain and the ending points (or the output points, the ‘y’s) in a set are called Range.

arrow Function: For a relation to be a function, given an ‘x’ there should be its one and only ‘y’, hence it goes:

algebra homework help

Example: {(10,a), (20,b), (10,c)}

Relation? Yes. Function? NoàSince 10 is repeating twice! J

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