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Geometry Assignment Help : Every geometric structure is made up of line segments and whenever two lines intersect with each other, an angle is surely formed! When two lines meet, different shapes and sizes making different angles are formed. Let us look at the various angle formations.

Types of angles:When two lines meet, an angle is formed. This angle formed can be of different types.

Acute angle: The angle formed is less than 90°. [‘V’ stands for Vertex]

Geometry Assignment - Acute angle

Obtuse angle:The angle formed is greater than 90°.

Obtuse angle

Right angle:The angle formed is equal to 90°.

Right angle

Straight angle: A normal straight line has an angle of 180°.

Straight angle

Reflex angle:If the angle formed is greater than 180°.

Reflex angle

Complimentary angles:Angles whose sum together is 90°.

Complimentary angles

Supplementary angles:Angles whose sum together is 180°.

Supplementary angles

Example: ‘a’ and ‘b’ are two complimentary angles. If given b= 60°, find ‘a’.

                                                  So, complimentary angles -> a + b = 90°

                                                                 So, a + 60° = 90°

                                                            ->a = 90°- 60°è a = 30°

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