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Congruence and geometry of size

Congruence geometry: If two objects are of same exact shape and same exact size, then they are called congruent objects. The congruent objects are more like duplicates of each other and fit perfectly when placed on top of each other.

In geometry, congruency is an important property and whenever two geometric shapes have same shape and length, then the angles of one shape are also equal to the other.


geometry structure Congruence and geometry        Congruence and geometry

The symbol used to denote congruency is, ‘≡’ which means that the structures are of same shape and equal size.

Congruency in triangles:

Congruence geometry


SSS: 3 sides of one triangle=3 sides of the other

2) SAS :2 sides and included angle of one triangle=2 sides and included angle of other.

3)ASA :2 angles and included side one triangle= 2 angles and included side of other.

4) AAS :2angles and non-included side=2angles and non-included side of other

Example: If ∆ ABC≡∆DEF and BC=10 units, then EF=? EF=10 (since BC=EF )


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Angle definition and properties (Trigonometry)


Angle Definition : Angle is the measure of rotation formed between two rays. In trigonometry, angles play a huge role in determining the appropriate trigonometric function values. One complete rotation gives an angle of 360°. Depending on the direction of rotation, angles can be positive or negative!

Angle definition Angle definition




Units of Angle: Angle is either measured in degrees or in radians.

Radian: It is the standard unit to measure an angle and is numerically equal to the length of its respective arc of a unit circle.

Conversion of degree to radian: There is a simple relationship between degrees and radians.

                                                           Π radians = 180°

So 1radian=180°/Π (OR) 1degree=π/180°

Example: Convert 120° to radian.

120°* (π /180°) = 2π/3 radian

Example: Convert π/6 radian to degrees.


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How do Find that equation is a linear or nonlinear function?

Linear Function

How to find Linear or Nonlinear Function. Linear functions are of the general form, f(x) = ax+b, where ‘a’ and ‘b’ are constants. The relationship between ‘x’ and ‘f(x)’ in a linear equation gives us a straight line and the constants ‘a’ and ‘b’ gives us additional details about how the straight line is formed.

This relationship can be expressed either in algebraic form like an equation, or in graphical form by drawing graphs.

General ordered pair -> linear or nonlinear function

Function notation ->    linear or nonlinear function

Example: Given are two coordinate points in function notation, write down in ordered pairs form.

f(3) = 10                   f(0) = -4                    f(-6) = 17

Down arrow                            Down arrow                             Down arrow

(x, y) = (3,10)                  (x,y) = (0,-4)              (x,y) = (-6,17)

Example: If f(x) = 2x + 3, find f(0), f(1), f(-1).

Answer: This might look tricky, but simply follow the steps!

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