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Intelligent students can effortlessly write a best college assignments. Professors and teachers are conscious of the actual fact that many students aren’t able to write properly because they fall short of their skills or passion to write effectively. Numerous subjects are taught in the universities. At times few learners aren’t keen to write their college assignment. But they cannot overlook its significance as they won’t do anything good to themselves. As a learner, if you don’t know how to write assignments appropriately, then you can take a help!

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How do Find that equation is a linear or nonlinear function?

Linear Function

How to find Linear or Nonlinear Function. Linear functions are of the general form, f(x) = ax+b, where ‘a’ and ‘b’ are constants. The relationship between ‘x’ and ‘f(x)’ in a linear equation gives us a straight line and the constants ‘a’ and ‘b’ gives us additional details about how the straight line is formed.

This relationship can be expressed either in algebraic form like an equation, or in graphical form by drawing graphs.

General ordered pair -> linear or nonlinear function

Function notation ->    linear or nonlinear function

Example: Given are two coordinate points in function notation, write down in ordered pairs form.

f(3) = 10                   f(0) = -4                    f(-6) = 17

Down arrow                            Down arrow                             Down arrow

(x, y) = (3,10)                  (x,y) = (0,-4)              (x,y) = (-6,17)

Example: If f(x) = 2x + 3, find f(0), f(1), f(-1).

Answer: This might look tricky, but simply follow the steps!

Algebra Assignment Help Algebra Assignment Help


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What is linear equation and inequalities?

Linear equation

Linear Equations: The general form of a linear equation is ax + by + c =0 where a, b, c are constants and  . A linear equation may contain one variable or two variables

Linear equation

Example:  Solve for x:  6x-18 = 0Adding ‘18’ on both sides gives

6x = 18.  x=18/6 x = 3.Graphs: The graph of a linear equation is always a straight line



Linear Inequalities: Linear inequalities are similar to linear equations except for few differences.

Example: Solve 2x – 8 < 4 and graph the solution set on number line.

Graphs: The graph of a linear inequality is a straight line with open or closed half planes.

             Graph y < x – 2                                           Graph y < x – 2


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What is Integral Calculus

integration calculus

Just like how Differentiation is the slope of the tangent drawn at a point on the curve, Integration is the area covered by the curve or a graph in a plane. Integration can be used to find areas and volumes below any curve.

integration calculusIntegration is the area

Integration Area

Integral Calculus

Example:Integrate the function: ∫x3dx

So according to the above formula,

For the above example let’s go backwards,

Differentiate the function: y = x4/4 arrow

                       -> y’= x3     ->this is the question in the previous example to integrate!

    arrow    Hence differentiation and integration are reverse process to each other!


Example: Integrate the function ∫x-2dx

∫x-2dx= x-2+1/-2+1

                                       -> x-1/-1 + c -> -x-1 + c

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